Monday, December 12, 2005

On the Practice of Patience

The Plan:
"This year, I shall knit scarves for those I love. Except for the placemats I will be making for Dad and Marion - I love them too, but they asked for placemats."

The Followthrough:
"Honey, they're all finished! Yes, including washing and blocking. I'm getting them ready to send, now."

The Problem:
"Did I remember to take photos of all the hand knitted gifts before I wrapped them? Why no, of course not. Unwrap, take photos and re-wrap? I'd rather not. What, you insist? Threatening me with middle-of-nap-drooling photos of me, posted on my blog, if I don't take photos of the scarves? Okay, fine, I'll re-wrap them later." Photo taking did ensue, but I made DH take the photos seeing as how he was the one insisting on it.

The Completion:
"Honey, I just mailed off all of the gifts for your family. On Monday, December 12th. Doesn't this make 2005 the first (and possibly only) year I've ever finished and sent the hand made gifts on time?"

The Temper Tantrum:
"But the photos, they are sooo great! Really DH, you take photos so much better than me. The stitch definition, the colours, the shading - so much better than I would have taken. What do you mean, I can't post them on my blog until after Christmas? Are you freakin' kidding? I've been knitting since the beginning of Sep-fucking-tember, dammit! Screw you! Patience? Fuck that! It's my blog, and I'll post when I want to!"

The Disclaimer:
If you are expecting a gift from us, and want the finished product (even though you know you are getting a scarf) to be a surprise, then stop reading this post here. Do NOT scroll down. Come back after Christmas. Because I refuse to practice patience after knitting for months. And months. Since September. So there!

Note: Not all scarves are shown. Some views are odd. I don't care. I am, however, really thrilled to be able to finally post some "finished" photos. Yay!


margene said...

Good for you! Get that Christmas knitting finished early! You do nice work. Now you can just sit back relax and enjoy the Holiday!

tocspaw said...

I love the white one in the center - can you tell me what pattern it is? Thanks!

Mrs. Mel said...

I want to be on your list for next year. Yummy and so beautifully blocked.

Deb R said...

Damn, these are cool, Logan! They have patterns to them and everything!! (Hey, I find that impressive.)

Speaking of impressed, yay you for getting so much done and so early. When you posted your Christmas gift to-do list a while back I thought "no way" and you proved me wrong. Yay!

Sonji Hunt said...

Pretty, pretty scarves. Lucky recipients.

JulieZS said...

Congrats and huzzahs for getting it done, and so beautifully too!

Dorothy said...

Oooh, beautiful! I have a cat named Bean, too. Does that mean you'll make me a scarf? Please? I mean, with cats named Bean, we're practically related! I'll send you a lovely thank you card with Beanie's picture, even. (is there an eye-batting winky? No? Damn.)

JennyRaye said...

Your scarves are great!!! Love your kitties, too. Is the tabby a Maine Coon cat? Looks just like a MC I had while growing up.

I'm impressed that your gift knitting is done. I just cast on a pair of socks for my dad an hour or so ago.....what am I doing on the computer, you ask....good question! Gotta run!