Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yup, I'm a Proud, Proud Cat-Mom

On Monday afternoon, I stumbled across this scene. No human hands were involved in the feline end of the arrangement, although I did make the bed.

Yesterday, I found this. Again, I was not involved in placement of the cat. I do believe a tear of joy squeezed out! Yeah, I'm a big giant pansy. But look at the cuteness!

Bean's Felted Kitty Bed directly from Wendy's pattern. Peanut's bed (the top photo) a slight adaptation, based upon her tendency to nest completely in and cover her own head.

So, for some of you Quilters who were wondering why I knit, aren't you now considering knitting yourselves? Come on, admit it - your feline studio companion would look freakin' adorable in a colour coordinated Felted Kitty Bed. Yup. Uh-huh. Nya-nya, I've already got two. And they're both taken. Oh, such a proud, proud Mama.


Mary Jones said...

Ahhh, your kitties do look adorable in their knitted beds Logan.

Nikki said...

That is some serious cuteness you've got going on there!

deb said...

I wish..I would put in hours and hours of work on catbeds only to have them gnawed apart, hurked on or dragged out the cat door to parts unknown. In my house, catnip mice get drowned in the toilet.

Elizabeth said...

I saw your beds on the kitty pi site and loved the one you made for peanut! I tried to model mine after that with a short row section on top, but mine just flops about... I spent some time searching for you for help. Any suggestions? I need to make another one for my kitty, because she is way too big for her current bed but she still loves it. This time I want to get it right. I think one of my problems was that I did the short rows over only half of the circumference. Any suggestions you have I would love you for... and so would vyvyan. I will send you pics if you would like. Thanks!

Logan said...

Elizabeth - I'd love to answer your email, but you don't have your blogger profile enabled, thus I have no way to contact you.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I think I got the blogger profile enabled. I appreciate you taking your time out to help a fellow knitter and cat lover!