Monday, July 18, 2005

Yeah, yeah yeah. I know.

But hey, I don't have any cute kidlets up to fun stuff, an adorable G'Baby, a husband willing to jump around like an idiot for the fans, a pool full of wildlife, or really cool dishes. I'm a total loser with only her cats to entertain her. Self-pity. Sniffles.


Deb R said...

But you have a hubby who picks beautiful wildflower bouquets, yes? So no sniffles from you!!

I love the MHF scale! LOL!!

Sonji Hunt said...

Pity parties can't last too long, otherwise you take them to heart. One (meaning you) must take pictures of your toes in make-shift knitted sandals or something. One(meaning you) must celebrate the glorious joys of one (meaning the good stuff and folks in your life).
Oddly enough, everything works out for the best in life, even though it may not be the way we want it to. I sound like my Mother. She was a genius. I also sound like my Dad. He was a genius too and color blind. Big fun.

Deborah said...

So, I see you have the quilt swap on your projects list. I'm in that yahoo group too. What do you think about the whole concept and how it's coming along? Compare and contrast. Please blog.