Friday, July 08, 2005

Fridays are for WHAT???

Yarn Harlot has Tuesdays are for Spinning. Someone else (I can't remember who, sorry) has Thursdays are for What in the Heck were they Thinking. My ever so witty husband, when told about this (I babble about blogs a lot, he occasionally bothers to listen) suggested that maybe I could have Fridays are for Cleaning. Six years of marriage and he still doesn't get me. Oh, well, this week I'm humouring him. But Saturday may not be for his usual - sitting around on his butt, watching TV, and asking for snack after snack after snack. Nope. If my Fridays are for Cleaning, he may find out that Saturdays are for Mowing.

Well, maybe I could concede that Fridays are for Cleaning, but follow that up with Weekends are for Annoying DH, Mondays are for Knitting, Tuesdays are for Napping, Wednesdays are for Quilting, and Thursdays are for Whatever the Hell I Want. Hmmm. Not so bad a plan.

Or, maybe we could call an impasse, and go back to the usual - all days are for a little tidying up, a little serving food to DH, and a little doing something creative.

Oops, gotta go. The vacuuming won't finish itself, and bathrooms are crying out for a scrubbing. Oh, and I think tonight I'll be serving food I like. Yup, if this Friday is for Cleaning, then Tonight is for Dinner of Mangos and Chocolate. And fruity wine spritzers. I think I may start to like Fridays are for Cleaning. Saturdays may just become Saturdays are for sugar/caffeine buzz and hangover.

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Logan said...

Okay, so DH (finally) read my blog. His reaction to this post? Saturdays Are For Hangovers is a damn good idea, and he went straight to the scotch cabinet to get started (figured that if he started early enough then stopped early enough, hangover would catch up soon). In fact, we may change that to Saturdays Are For Operating a Lawnmower While Under the Influence of Alcohol (in Moderation).