Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Comforts of Home

We're finally back home! The wedding was wonderful (photos to come soon - some are being emailed from BC, and some from Ontario, as That Logan Chick is an idiot and forgot her camera). Bride was lovely and glowing, groom was handsome and happy. DH did a fine job as a groomsman, even with his hangover (yep, he might be a smart one, but sometimes he forgets himself over Scotch and conversation).

The weather was warm, the mosquitoes were biting, and the pool was delightful. I sunburnt my chest (mind out of gutter - burnt the areas not covered by the bathing suit) on the first day, so spent the rest of the trip with a rather creepy lava red glow about me. It was described as "healthy looking" by some, and "holy sh!t, girl, that looks painful" by others. Now it's just brown.

We had a great time visiting with the various members of the Logan clan able to attend, as well as some Ballers, and many Rempels (the bride's family). Gotta say, though, I got tuckered out darn quick. I blame the sun (I'm just not used to heat and bright light anymore - all it did here in June was rain). Much napping was required in order to remain civil and somewhat presentable.

Getting home was fun - not the drive (aaargh - 8 hours of driving in blinding sun, plus a detour down a long and dusty gravel road due to an accident on Highway 2), but the arrival itself. The cats alternated between ecstatic at our return and aloof to punish our absence. A dog fight between the neighbour's elderly cocker spaniel (maybe 40 lbs soaking wet) and a local malamute (probably 90+ lbs, not including teeth and fur) shot up the adrenaline. Who knew that I was so enamoured of Ransom, the cocker, that I would physically attack a very large dog to try and protect him? Ransom is okay, if a bit sore (he spent a terrifying 30 seconds or so dangling from the malamute's teeth, held by the throat). His owner has a tooth hole in his hand, and I'm still coming down from the adrenaline rush (I actually stuck my thumbs in the larger dog's eyes to get him to drop my little fuzzy buddy - strange what adrenaline will do). And yes, the larger dog is fine, too. I think he is actually embarrassed about the entire incident.

My favorite part of coming home? Our bed! Aaah, the luxury of a homemade quilt and good quality linens - after almost a week on crappy sheets (low thread count and washed in really harsh industrial detergent) my skin was crying out for Egyptian cotton. Yummy.

Oh yeah, the newlyweds loved the quilt. And yes, I finished it in time. We even wrapped it (okay, we tied a ribbon around it and tucked the card into that). Mission accomplished. Now, on to my brother's nap quilt, and some small art pieces. And yet more knitting.


Deborah said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you're home. Wow... that dog fight sound serious. I'm glad you're ok. Now, on to the pictures, please. Especially the up-to-now secret quilt.

Deb R said...

Welcome back Bec. We all missed you! YIKES on the sunburn and the dogfight!! Glad you weren't permanently damaged!! Also glad the quilt prezzie was appreciated (like there was ever any doubt). Can't wait to see pics!