Thursday, September 06, 2007

More about Engeln Shawl A

I wasn't really happy with the photos of the shawl, so took more before Grandma left. This set shows the colour of the yarn a lot truer, as well as catching the mohair haze. The first photo is a close-up to show the matching jewelery (a necklace with rhodonite flat faceted oval stones and tourmaline chips, and rhodonite and gold shawl pin). I also made rhodonite and gold earrings, and a shawl pin with rhodonite and picture jasper, but these were done late, so didn't make it into the photo shoot.

I love the finished shawl so much (and have gotten so many great responses about it) that I've decided to do another (this time for ME!). Right now I leaning toward either a Lisa Souza mohair in mahogany, or one of the heavier weight mohairs from Blue Moon Fiber Arts or Fleece Artist. I'll have to go through my stash and choose. My shawl will need to be a bit bigger, as I'm four inches or so taller than Grandma, and I really liked the way her shawl sat just below her, umm, bottom. So, off to did in the basement in the temporary plastic totes that my stash is in.

Speaking of the basement, it is coming along nicely. The second coat of mud went on the drywall this morning, and the third coat will go on tomorrow, with (hopefully) painting this weekend. We're now discussing putting cork flooring down there, which I would love!

Enough for today, I should go clean up the kitchen and wash the guest room bedding. Ta.

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