Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shawl Catch-Up (picture heavy)

When I was putting links in my "Finished Objects (Knitted)" section, I realized I'd never posted photographs of certain shawls and socks. Most of these were knitted during a period of non-blogging, but some I simply never photographed, and they were gifted away (oops!). So, in the interest of correcting this oversight, I'm posting here about the ones that were finished but never blogged that have stayed in my possession. I will do another post shortly with some gifted shawls.

The Diamond Fantasy Shawl, by Sivia Harding:
I worked this in Fleece Artist hand-dyed 2/8 Blue Faced Leicester. The yarn was a Christmas gift from my Mom (who knows my colour sense very, very well), and this shawl used a little more than half the skein (I'm estimating around 650 meters). I will likely use the rest for mittens and a hat, as I adore the colourway, and think a matching shawl/hat/mittens set would be really cute.
Diamond Fantasy was an enjoyable knit - but I had to pay attention the entire time, as it was easy to get one row off on the pattern (yup, there was some frogging). I changed the top of the shawl from the pattern - I did a four-stitch faggoted band rather than the suggested finish. That made it really easy to block, too.

Hyrna Herborgar, from Three-cornered and Long Shawls (scroll down), Schoolhouse Press:
I'm not quite sure when I made this, but I remember loving the yarn, and hating the [k1, p1] into the back side of the double yarn overs. Ugh. The shawl is so lovely, though, that even remembering how much I disliked working the top portion, I think this will be a front runner on my "Patterns I'd do Again" list. Sigh.
This was worked in a heavy fingering weight 100% cashmere on-the-cone from Colourmart. It bloomed beautifully after washing, and gave the full, dense stitch pattern I was hoping for. This is a smaller shawl, and is perfect for when I just want a little extra warmth around the shoulders. Also, the softness can't be beat!

And, because I promised you, a photo of the latest shawl (Engeln Shawl A, the 2nd) dancing in the fading evening sunlight:

And, my photographer's assistant, Fae:

All together now: "Awww"


Kat said...

Wow, stunning!! I love that Icelandic shawl in particular. I'm gonna have to get me a copy of that one of these days.

What a cute assistant!

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