Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Baby Steps

We had some family visiting last week (my Mom, her brother Jaap from New Zealand, and my brother Dan). We did some local site seeing, so I thought I'd post the vertigo shot here, along with a few other photos of things I can see all within a ten minute drive from my house.

I finished my first ever lace shawl project - Kiri - which is a free pattern from Polly of All Tangled Up. I knitted this with two threads held together (I wanted a denser fabric, but mostly I'm chicken when it comes to using lace weight yarn). The yarn is 100% wool lace weight from HandPaintedYarn, in the colourway Lettuce. My cast off wasn't great - I couldn't get enough elasticity in the edge to get points along the edge, so instead I knitted in some olive toned jade beads. They add a nice weight to the shawl, without being obnoxious.

This was an excellent project for beginning lace knitters, and there is a "Knit-A-Long" for Kiri, too. I joined it mostly to see the other peoples' finished projects (in the photo archives).

Okay, a little QR - I think I will be pulling out the trauma quilt soon, just to get me back into working on a quilt project. Apparently that is about where I stand with quilting right now. I had no idea that focusing all my happy and positive thoughts on a quilt I then gave away would be so devastating! I have not been able to spend more than three minutes at a time in my studio since, and even that tears me up. Yup, I'm an emotional basket case. My new approach will be to wrap myself in my new shawl (yay!) and work on a project (the trauma quilt) that is already loaded with emotions. Will keep you posted.

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