Saturday, July 14, 2007

Man Socks

Why is it that even the size large sock blockers aren't large enough to block man socks? Tom doesn't even have huge feet! Even so, socks that fit him snugly (about 15% negative ease) still swim around my size L blockers. Must search web for size XL.

Anyway, grumbling aside, here are the latest man socks, LLSS in Cedar. They don't look nearly this, umm, striped, in real life - just a camera thingy. Note the padding under the forward part of the heel, where his sock-wearing history has shown the first signs of serious wear damage. Also, the back part of the heel and ankle are free from patterning, to prevent him from having irritation at the top of his shoes. I live to serve.

Tom thinks they are a bit more stripey than he's comfortable with, but likes the texture and will certainly wear them. However, for future reference, could I please make him socks that are just one colour? Okie dokie Dude. No more Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Nearly Solids for you.

Maybe Trekking Pro Natura sock yarn - nice fingering weight yarn, great hand (25% bamboo content), and solid. In plain, manly colours. I'll start with Chocolate, the only one I have. Then maybe my Shelridge Farms sock yarn in charcoal.

Ugh. I see a lot of cables and texture in my future, just to keep me from going insane with the boring Man Sock knitting.

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