Monday, July 16, 2007

Why I Don't Get Much Knitting Done

I try to get knitting done, really. I settle in the knitting chair, with everything I need on the TV tray table on my right, and a glass of water on the end table on my left. I turn on the two daylight bulbs above and to my left, which are arranged so that one shines on my knitting while the other shines on my lap (where the pattern for MS3 generally rests).

Then, just as I'm ready to begin, this happens.

Not sure what you're seeing? How about another view?

I'm joined by Fae (blonde dog) and Emo (grey boy-cat). The fuzzy buggers. Yep, it is hot, I am sweaty, and the two critters on my lap don't help a bit. Not. At. All.

But, with that much cuteness at hand, how can I be annoyed? So, instead of getting knitting done, I'm spending a lot of time giving out the critter loving. Sigh.


Jane said...

We have two dogs and they hate it when I knit and don't pay attention to them :-) They really are too cute to ignore! Besides, I think you knit plenty!Just enjoy!


OOOO Owwwww. Happy Family Picture:)
Greetings from my Page,