Tuesday, May 24, 2005

. . . and for short, it's the Smoked Salmon Quilt

This started out as the Ugly Fabric Quilt. After much prompting from people who have seen my quilts and wondered if any were for sale, I decided to make a "For Sale" quilt with some fabric I was not particularly attached to - the cloisonne plates floral print. This was a quick and easy quilt to make - 12" blocks, alternating blocks pieced from coordinating fabrics. It is 5 blocks wide by 7 long, so either fits a twin sized bed with a decent drop, or makes a great nap quilt. I quilted it with my free flowing leaves quilt design, in a great varigated teals / greens / blues Valdani thread. The back is 320 count ivory sateen (feels even better than flannel to the touch), and I used Christmas green in the bobbin to highlight the quilting, as it is so hard to see on the front.

Note the location of Bean in the photograph. No, I didn't place her there. She (naturally) laid down directly on the area where it goes from completed binding to binding that still needs to be hand stitched down on the back. Note the look of disdain and superiority on her fuzzy face. I can just hear her thinking "I wouldn't have taken a photo until it was finished. But that's just me. Whatever you want, Mom, whatever you want. Sigh."

My mother and I went back and forth a bit on the name for this one. We both like fun names, which, by necessity, are often quite long. For this quilt, we discussed the plates fabric, the smoked salmon colour of the solid fabric, the orientation of the strata fabric, and the way the pale smoke fabric reminded me of bleu cheese. Aaah, food and geology. So, the final name had to be . . .

I'll have smoked salmon on my tectonic plates, please. Could you serve that with a slide of bleu cheese? Posted by Hello


Pangaea said...

The more I look at this, the more I see the plates' curves and the strata's steady stripes give movement and anchoring to this quilt. Who'd have thought that such a simple design, with so-called ugly fabrics, would morph into something so interesting? Do you still intend to sell it?

carla said...

mmmm blue cheese ahh salmon roll on my holiday