Saturday, May 07, 2005

Yup, Sometimes it Snows Here

Yesterday was a rainy day, and we were completely locked in by clouds. If you've never been in a cloud before, it is (a) damp, and (b) grey. Later, it got cold, and it snowed. When we went to sleep, it was still snowing. This morning, we awoke to sunlight streaming through breaks in the cloud cover, and the snow melting loudly. That may seem strange, but when you live on the side of a mountain, snow actually can melt loudly! The sounds were running water and chunks of snow falling off trees and rooftops. Also, there were deer out back, so I took some photos. In the first photo, you can see a hint of mountain top peaking out from a break in the clouds. Cool. It was warm enough that I sat taking photos on the balcony (railing included in photo), in jeans and a tee-shirt. I love it here! So does Bean - she REALLY wanted to be let out, but as she came to us declawed, we are keeping her an indoor kitty. Plus, the coyotes probably think she would make a tasty snack.

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