Monday, May 09, 2005

Now my Stuff has its own Blog

After seeing Lisa Congdon's great Blog where she displays and sells her Modbirds, I decided to create a blog for my stuff, too. So, I have added a link (sidebar) to That Logan Chick's Stuff, and will add stuff as it gets made. Why? Because we are going broke supporting my stuff creating addiction! Hopefully, the Stuff blog will offset that somewhat. Here's hoping. Fingers crossed.


arlee said...

Great idea , Bec. Stashes needs cashes :}

By the way where in Alberta are you? Near the mountains obviously--RMH?

Logan said...

Grande Cache. We are completely surrounded by mountains - there isn't a house in town that doesn't have a view of peaks. We were lucky to find a house on the edge of town, though - no other houses between us and the critters that poop in our yard! Next year, we fence.

arlee said...

woo you waaaaay in the "mountings"!

got summer yet?:}

Logan said...

Still working through Spring. The leaves are only partially out, but we have heard songbirds.

Debra said...

The new blog looks good, but I think you need to post prices on the items

People are seldom going to take the additional steps to email you about the cost.