Monday, May 16, 2005

My Studio Confidante

Diane, our webring leading lady, asked about our Studio Confidantes, so I thought I'd share mine. I have a Modbird by Lisa Congdon winging its way here, but as it has not yet arrived, Princess Pissy of No-Pantsia is my sole Studio Confidante.

Those of you thinking "Hey! What about Bean?" should not worry - she is so much more than a Studio Confidante - she is more like the Supreme Ruler of all Cuteness within and around the Studio Domain.

Princess Pissy of No-Pantsia (or P.P. No-Pants for short) was created using a Kumiko Sudo pattern (from Omiyage) and has mohair and silk roving hair. She is new to the studio, but with her attitude, fits right in. Generally she can be found hanging around the design wall, as she is shown here. When not assisting with design arrangements, she may be found buried under fabric on the cutting board, or inspecting thread in the thread drawers. She stays away from Bean, as Bean is fond of silk / mohair blend for snacking, and P.P. No-Pants is quite happy with her current configuration of hair. Plus, glue removal from the scalp is a painful thing.

Princess Pissy of No-Pantsia. Posted by Hello


Moedertje said...

And I just bought a magazine on doll-making last week! Yours is so cute, I want one of those---with dark red hair!! (whine)

She's adorable, and so different. Carla has a whole raft of hand-made dolls; maybe she'll send you photos of her studio muses. (very subtle hint to Carla)

Kat said...

I am having an early morning of viewing new blogs and I am finding it very inspiring. I love your sense of humour and must check out the book - your confidante is a cutie but in my house the "boys" would probably adopt her as their own and she would end up as yet another cat toy.