Friday, May 13, 2005

Bitten by the Bug, Waiting with Baited Breath

So after spending the morning looking at Deb L's great Rothko's Puppies, reading Sonji's archives, and going over Mrs. Mel's great post The Lazy Dyer, I have been bitten by the dyeing bug. Hard. Next step . . . shopping! Such a sad thing to have to do. Sigh.

So, off I went (in a virtual sense) to G & S Dyes (source for dyeing related products in Canada), to order a bunch of fun stuff. Dixon Chan, owner, was very helpful (there's nothing like having a phone conversation with the owner), and I ended up ordering just the basics to start out - turquoise, yellow, fushia & black Procion MX dyes. Oh, and some silk yardage - cause if I'm just learning, it should be on silk???? Okay, fine, just because I recently did a silk throw for my couch, and absolutely loved the sheen and texture, and now I wanna play! With silk! 'Cause my other addictions aren't expensive enough already! Aargh!

And, after contemplating the damage I had already done, off to Lunn Fabrics for a bolt of PFD dyer's cloth. And a bunch of their tie-dyed fat eighths. In case mine suck.

Now I'm not sure if I can wait until it all arrives. Well, I suppose in my eagerness I could clean the laundry room and prep it for morphing into a dye chamber. I like the sound of that - touring people around the house they already get introduced to My Studio and My Fabricland - now My Dye Chamber will be the third stop on the "She spends all of our money on quilting" tour. The laundry room has a large sink, a bit of counter space, a window (lots of great mid day to afternoon light), and a door into the garage for extra space or ventilation.

Now I just need a way to turn my washer and dryer into a temporary dyeing surface - next shop, looking for plexiglass. Gotta love the internet. I can spend scads of dough, site unseen, and have it all delivered, without ever having to leave my dinky little town in the mountains. Yippee!


Logan said...

Yup, commenting to myself - Sonji would be proud. Big happy thanks to Sonji for being wise enough to post about not knowing how to add html links in her blog - and to all who responded to her. It is because of y'all that I was able to add links. And they worked (I know cause I tested them all - numerous times - cause I didn't believe I could possibly have been successful that easily). Sonji - you rule!

deb said...

I just got my 10 yards of printcloth from Dharma Trading. Jan Thompson and I are planning an open air dyefest next Wednesday. Holler if you have any questions and WEAR YER FRIGGIN MASK when you mix the dyes PLEEEEZE.

Sonji Hunt said...

Logan, I was cleaning the basement and taking out the stuff that makes the pretend ceiling. The fiberboard...yuck...but the stuff that hangs over the flourescent lights...perfect for painting half yards of fabric and stacking them! I haven't checked out the price of new ones at the local hardware store, but I'd bet it's cheaper than plexi. Otherwise, convince others that they need to remodel their basements.
PS-glad that you were able to link up because of my blogged ignorance. Also, always good to talk to yourself in the comments section. It sets up a mystic.

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Welcome to the dyers club. Have a ball and don't forget to SHOW US WHAT YOU DO!!! (And if you don't like a piece, don't forget you can always overdye it!)