Saturday, May 28, 2005

Reincarnated as Postcards

The test piece I made yesterday rejected its encrusting of beads and shells, and instead ordered me to (gasp!) cut it in two. Don't ever say I don't listen to test pieces. So, now, what was once a test piece is now a set of two postcards. And, they were so happy with the result of the de-beading and separation surgery, they asked for a permanent home on my wall. They haven't told me where yet, but I suspect they will, soon. And here they are . . .

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The angle isn't great (they are actually both 4" x 6", lay flat, and have straight edges), but that's what it took to get no glare on the glass.

I was so enamoured of my new chartreuse postcard-sized wall pieces, that I just had to keep going. So, I pulled out the rest of my varigated Valdani cotton quilting thread and chose a selection of fun analogeous (kind of) colours in everything from hot yellows/oranges to pinks, violets, and burgundies. Garnet stitched away, with break stitching (it certainly feels like a break to do wiggly lines in between tiny circles), couched two threads of yarn around the edge and presto, change-o, one fat eighth of burgundy/brown hand dyed Bali became an 8"x10", two 4" x 6" pieces, and an Artist's Trading Card (not shown).

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Could I be finding my style? Or, is this just more fun with quilting? I really don't care - over the course of one day I've gone from no non-traditional "art only" quilts in the house to having two separate "installations". And, bonus for me, DH likes them too! Wheee heee!


Mrs. Mel said...

Ah, drawing with the needle...I really like the brown pieces which look very arboreal.
These would look even better LARGER.

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I LOVE them! I've been hanging on to a piece of silk charmeuse that I hand-dyed and thinking about trying something like this (although I hadn't considered a variegated thread... great idea!) and you've inspired me to try it. Thanks!

Sonji Hunt said...

The plastic surgery looks good. Sometimes you just have to chop into them, Logan. They make you do it. I totally understand. I love the linear technique. They look so organic and don't need anymore color or dangling things. Good work! Happy, happy.