Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm Lichen this Rock

I'm lichen this pun, too. Tee hee!

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DH is recreating the flower bed next to our front door today, and this is one of the rocks that got ousted, and instead will be given pride of place in the "we are engineers, of course we have a rock garden" garden.

As it is REALLY STINKIN' HOT AGAIN I'm still hiding inside. I make short excursions out of doors, wimper about the heat (I'm such a baby), and duck back indoors where it is warm, but manageable for a pansy like me.

Today is another day of dyeing wool with KoolAid, so will post pictures when it is all dry. For those of you out there thinking that KoolAid only comes in candy colours, I have news for you - it works like normal dye! By mixing base colours (I'm using "Switchin' Secret" for yellow/gold, LemonLime for bright green, Strawberry for red, and Blueberry for the obvious) I have gotten a nice group of yarns in moss green, chartreuse, rust, etc. Yippee!

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Pangaea said...

Your lichen is to dye for ... lichen ROCKS!