Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Care & Feeding Instructions to go with Gifted Quilts

I have decided to include small notebooks when I give away or sell a quilt. The one shown below is my prototype, made to go with my king sized bed quilt, shown in a previous post. The books will be covered with fabric left over from the quilt construction, with a bit of embellishment for fun. The prototype is covered with the russet fabrics from the center of the Double Dutch Rose (also used in the LeMoyne Stars in the drops around the quilt).

The notebooks will contain information about the quilt maker (me), the completion date, my signature and card, and contact information. I will also include washing instructions and info on general care. I also may include information about the design process, the selection of fabrics, why I chose to quilt it the way I did, etc. That is the stuff that interests me most when I look at quilts made by others, so this is a way for me to include this info to go with each quilt.

The remainder of the notebook will be left empty, with the request that the new owner feed the quilt regularly (ie - make notes about use, etc in the book). What I'm hoping for is things like notations of trips the quilt went on, any moves it made, what that mysterious stain was, if it has any emotions attached to it, etc. Those who get the quilts down the line may want to know this stuff - a mini quilt history in a tiny book. Imagine if Jane Stickle had done this? Even if nobody ever does feed the notebook, the idea still stands with the basic information I will include on completing the quilt.


Lin Walker said...

What a great idea! Duh...now why didn't I think of something like that? The idea of the quilt having an ongoing history is just very cool.

arlee said...

Fabu idea--we all attach our name and the date but a "family history" of the quilt's life after it leaves the maker would be a wonderful legacy to pass on.
The C&F Book looks great too-a work of art in itself :}

Anonymous said...

That just makes so much sense, not just a how-and-why-it-got-made history, but everything else as well. Such a small extra step--yet so much more in fact. Does that mean you'd like a C&F to go with the quilt that I am making for you? (OOps, my identity is now well known as your Mom.) I could send you the extra fabric to cover the book ;-)