Friday, May 13, 2005

Laughed 'til my Throat Bled

No more need be said. Okay, I'm a liar. Go to the bathroom. Make sure your bladder is empty. Now go to: Stitchy McYarnpants - the MOKS (Museum of Kitshy Stitches). Make sure you read all volumes.

Take a break. Drink water (stay hydrated). Pee again. And, if you're comfortable with some downright NASTY humour, check out Steve, Don't Eat it! WARNING: Do not view while eating. Or digesting. Or thinking about eating. Or around children. Or if you have issues with profanity. Otherwise, go right ahead.

Guess you didn't get all the pee out, did ya? Wipe seat. Calm down. Breath. And thank whoever invented Blogging for creating the kind of medium that we can all use to share deep and meaningful things. Yup.

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Seriously... I could barely stand to look at the pictures. I couldn't read most of them. But the breast milk entry was HEEsterical! (Having spent many months in the production department myself.) Funny funny funny!