Friday, May 27, 2005

Summer outside my Studio

The golden greens of spring have fled, and I'm left with rich and glorius leaf green. Yummy. It was stinkin' hot here today - I burnt my feet on the balcony, so had to play in the grass barefoot to relieve them. Yup, picture me, a dumpy 33 year old housewife, running around the back yard, giggling like a loon.

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To top it all off, I dyed some super textured wool with KoolAid, then I pulled out the sunprint paints and made some new messes. So now I'm out of creative funk land, and merrily making an 8"x10" piece using chartreuse hand painted fabric and moss green wool. Heavily FMQ'ed. With beads. And some shells. Weeeheee! And I didn't even need to stash roll! (Okay, I did a little bit of that).

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