Saturday, June 18, 2005

What we did on Saturday

The rain / drizzle let up, the sun came out, and DH decided it was time to go and sacrifice a few trout in the name of summer fun.

DH in his natural element. It should be noted that while DH was in search of the not so elusive trout (2 down, more to go back for tomorrow), I spent a lovely few hours knitting on the banks of Sheep Creek. In fact, four boat loads of white water rafters came by, and I'm quite sure that the chick sitting on a log at the edge of the creek, wrapped in Clapotis, and knitting the Booga Bag on circulars was likely the highlight of their trip. Yup. Fer sure, dude.

Even as an infant, the Booga Bag has an adventurous nature. Here we see it leaping unafraid from rock to rock, completely unfazed by the swirling rapids below. No stitches were dropped in the taking of this photograph, but someone (that would be me) got a wet a@@.

Older, wiser, and a lot less adventurous, Clapotis chose to enjoy the sunshine beside the creek, reclining on some sun baked rocks. I was happy about this, as it gave me a chance to dry my a@@ after chasing Booga Bag around in the rapids. Posted by Hello


Deborah said...

You are too funny. You knitters are so nutty about photographs! I usually just spread my quilt out on the carpet and stand on the coffee table to try to get a good shot. I guess I need to put on my hiking boots and drag along some fabric.

Elle said...

LOL! I enjoyed the adventures of your pieces!