Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Tank with Clapotis

Sounds like a nasty infectious war time irritation, doesn't it?

DAD - You may want to refrain from reading the rest of this post. It's about boobs (mine), knitting design, and medical malaise. But HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY if you're reading this on June 30th! Now STOP READING please.

You've seen my completed Clapotis before, caught sunning itself by a local creek. This time, however, it is aiding in the debut of a new but equally orange item - my Yup, She's Wearing a Bra tank. Why is it called that? Because when worn with any bra other than nude toned, the lacework down the center front allows for confirmation of bra location and colour. So now, before I leave the house, I can just check through the yarn overs to ensure that yup, bra is in place. Or, I suppose, I could just look down the neckline too. Oh hell, who am I kidding - I'm always wearing a bra. Not wearing a bra is grounds for sagginess and chapped nipples.

Anyway, this is a tank I designed to match Clapotis, seeing as I went into "I'm running out of yarn" panic and ordered far more than I needed to finish the wrap. I probably have enough left to make short sleeves for the tank, but I think for now I will try it without sleeves. It will have its public debut in Calgary this weekend, weather permitting.

The tank is a really simple design, based on gauge with the orange yarn on 4.5mm needles. It is shaped nicely, nips in at the waist, has a scooped but not blatant neckline, hemmed edges, and tiny slits at the bottom side seams. It was fast and easy to knit, and I actually enjoyed the miles and miles of stocking stitch (stockinette to you Americans) as there was so much fun stuff going on with the yarn. I will definitely make tops like this again, as I finally figured out the secret to making them fit well and look tailored.

The secret? When working with cotton or cotton blends, swatch for gauge, then cast on and make the front exactly to your body measurements, with no extra fabric for ease. Then, when you cast on for the back, add enough for only one inch of ease. That's it. The one inch of ease is enough for comfort, and the knitted cotton fabric always re-shapes itself a bit as it is worn. The garment now has about two inches of ease just through wearing it for a few hours, but doesn't seem inclined to grow any more. Also, for future garments, I know that I can knit them a tad shorter, as the heavier cotton fabric will pull downward.

I don't believe the same will apply for wool, but a wool tank top is my idea of torture, anyway.

The photo was taken by DH, during a brief sunny period this evening, after DAYS AND DAYS AND DAYS of rain, with intermittent fog and cloud. For most of the past few days, I've been wearing wool sweaters.

Now, off to pack for the wedding, and spend three times as long as packing takes figuring out which project(s) will travel best to keep me busy during the two days by myself in the hotel. DH will be doing stuff with his brother, the groom, and other family stuff. I'm not physically up to participating right now, so will be sitting quietly without much movement, to try to minimize the pain / cramping / bleeding of the end of the not quite almost a pregnancy. Yup, a hotel in a far away city is really where I want to be right now. Uh huh. Yippee.

Oh - and Canada Day! July 1st is Canada Day, and this year I will be celebrating with tea and biscuits, alone in my hotel room. But that's okay, as I'd rather be alone than out in the rowdy Calgarian crowds. The sea of red and white clothing is a little much to look at, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I do love your fiddlehead series, especially the blue one with fireflies. But the one you just posted is spectacular. Will look forward to seeing your next steps. Take care.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Hope you're feeling MUCH better soon, sweetie. Your top and wrap look FABULOUS! (note to self: must must must learn to knit!)
And Happy Canada Day!

Mrs. Mel said...

We are soulmates. Really, altho I may be the only knitter on earth not interested in the lovely clapotis or felting a boggie bag, or whatever it is called.
I love and want the pattern for your tank, and will gladly give you credit whenever I am asked.

Scrapmaker said...

Very lovely, beautiful color, and the set looks very nice on. Hope all is well soon, healing thoughts sent your way, Jen

Logan said...

Note to the Anonymous Commenter: I think you mean Deb Lacativa, not me. I've never done a fiddlehead series, or anything with fireflies. Although now I'm tempted.

Deborah said...

Wow... you're name isn't even Deb (there are several of us) and you're getting confused with the rest of us. And then there is the knitting that might confuse you with other clever fiber folk. And even the fertility struggles seem to be repeated regularly in our cozy Artful Quilters Ring. I hope it makes you feel that you are not alone. Because you surely are not. I delight in reading your wonderful posts... even when you are feeling bad, generally whiney or "mouthing off." Have a safe trip!

Sonji Hunt said...

I am coveting your lovely tank and wrap in yummy dreamsicle, Logan.

Enjoy your short trip. I empathize with the fertility stuff. Life goes on and it's ok. I've been there, too.

Elle said...

Your wrap and top are such a pretty color. Hoping that you will feel better soon...Enjoy your trip!