Monday, June 06, 2005

Progress and Oddness

We just had a wonderful, if short, weekend with DH's family. So now I am feeling positive, refreshed, and ready to tackle the teal piece again.

Finished the knitted border last night - decided to give it another go mainly to have something easy to knit while on the drive. I'm happy with it so far - blocked it last night, and have yet to go down to my studio to check on it this morning. I'll be weaving additional fibers through the border before attaching it, and may add beads / rocks to it to. DH came up with the inspired idea of running a length of heavy gauge wire around the edge to hold it in shape, so invested CDN$1.44 for 36 feet of wire - if it works, I'll be using this often. I've got a substantial stash of yarns from back when I was primarily a knitter, and have a habit of buying single balls of yarn that catch my interest. These fibers will find their way into a great many of my small quilts, and have even been used to decorate the binding of a silk couch throw I made recently.

I will post photos of the teal piece when it is further along. Now, off to catch up on the Blogs of my fellow webring quilters! Will settle in with a large coffee, and enjoy.

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