Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some Colour to Liven Things up

All those text only posts are getting boring, so here are some photos to brighten things up. For Deborah, I give you a selection of rocks, purchased and / or collected with the intent of embellishing, but let's face it, I just like the rocks. I put them out in the sun on the balcony to photograph, and they got all warm and yummy in the sun.

In this shot, some Canadian jade, Chinese olive jade, yellow turquoise, and assorted stone chips are lovingly displayed in my knitting project from the trip - Clapotis. Green and orange are a favorite combination.
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Here are some of the selection of green toned rocks I've collected. They don't have holes in them, so will need to be attached to my quilts with tulle or wire. Aren't they pretty in the sun? They got so warm and toasty - I can just imagine they were thanking me for the fresh air and sun exposure.
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Finally, a shot of the Clapotis, in process. This is a cotton / viscose/ polyester blend novelty yarn, in a truly great combination of colours. The bright orange gets a kick from the clear chartreuse, then both are toned by the ecru and the rose of the cotton. I'm loving every stitch!

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Later today - the beaded shoes! DebR, you know I can't resist you when you're demanding! And yes, it was unpardonably cruel of me to tease you like that. The shoes are coming. Me in the girly outfit, on the other hand, will have to be seriously considered. I will see what the photos from other wedding friends are like before I cough up Logan as Girly Girl for all to see.


Deb R said...

Well, ok, that's fair. I really want to see the GirlyGirl outfit, but as long as I get to see the shoes I won't have a tantrum or anything. :-)

Deborah said...

Rocks! Yippee! Thank you thank you. You've made my day. Tulle or wire? Or how about glue? THat's what I did most recently and then added some embroidery floss over the top to give the *impression* that they were sewn on.

Oh the beads and the clapitus? or whatever the thing is? are lovely too.

Have you seen Emily's brother's post of the clapitus police? Funny funny funny. I'll come back with a link.

Scrapmaker said...

oooh, pretty, pretty colors. What are you going to do with the rocks again? Jen