Friday, June 03, 2005

Combining My Passions

Enough with the naughty thoughts! I'm not talking about those passions, so get your mind back up where it belongs. And keep it there. Ahem.

Okay, now that we're in serious mode...I've been looking at my multiple collections. Over the years I have been a gatherer and hoarder of many things, but specifically I have hoarded quilting fabrics, novelty yarns, semi-precious stones, beads, and feathers. So, what to do with these varying but fun collections? Heavily embellished art quilts, that's what! Hey, stop that! What else where you thinking? Haven't we already gone over the location of your mind today? Did I not order you to keep it out of the gutter? Bad reader, no biscuit.

So, a new test piece is underway. This weekend we will have a minimum of 10 hours in the vehicle (aargh!) at DH's request, so I have told him that this time he's driving. And I will knit. Yup, am knitting (hold on for it...) the border for a small piece. Not postcard small, but still a quiltlet. Love that word. Was reminded of its existence today by Mrs. Mel on her latest post, Bliss. I'm combining a Michael Mrowka hand dyed fabric, some fun and furry novelty yarns, shisha mirrors, a great hand dyed Valdani thread, and whatever else I can think of to create an over the top, crazy a@#ed little quiltlet. I love creating stuff! Yup, I've gone over the edge. I'm embellishing so hard that the original fabric may disappear in a haze of shiney things and whispy things. Sonji, you'd be proud. Why? 'Cause more is more, dammit! Ah ah ah! You must imagine the ah ah ah as spoken by The Count, from Sesame Street. One little quiltlet. Two little quiltlets. Three little quiltlets. Ah ah ah.

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