Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dearest Quilting Commenters (and miles and miles of binding)

Quilting Commenters are the best! Your positive thoughts and encouragement have helped me immensely during this trying time - thank you so much. I'm sitting here feeling all warm and fuzzy (except for my feet - they're cold 'cause my favorite wool socks are still damp from being washed) and knowing that there are people out there that care, even though we've never met. So again, thank you - know that you are appreciated.

So this morning (at 3:48 my time) I finished machine stitching on the last of miles and miles and miles of binding. Oops, make that kilometers and kilometers ... in this case, Canadian doesn't sound nearly as exhausting. Anyway, I attached the binding to the wedding quilt. Today (Wednesday) we travel, then I have Thursday and Friday to finish hand sewing the binding down. Last step on the quilt before wrapping? Serious cat hair removal.

Man oh man, my cats approved of this one. Both of them were sprayed with water, chased off it, and yelled at numerous times, but it did not stop them from coming back. It has been their favorite of all my quilts in progress. This thing has more clandestine cat fur than the dust ponies under the bed! I guess they feel the love infused in that quilt.

It was difficult to finish with the non-procreational cr@p going on - I wanted it to be made while only happy thoughts were rattling around in empty head land, so have had few moments to work on it lately (thus the late night last night to finish it, and the really really bad sentence you're suffering through here). Mission successful - all stitches were infused (word of the day, apparently) with joy and laughter (and a touch of the sexy - some lascivious comments were made during the construction of this quilt, too). The official photographic unveiling will be done after we return from the land of floods and weddings.

One final thought - 7.5 hours of travel time each way, if DH agrees to do all the driving (doubtful, but hopeful), should equal two kitty beds ready for felting and a good start on the next pair of hand knitted work socks for DH (pretty sure that's why he married me - he got his first pair of home made wool socks and was immediately hooked).


Deborah said...

Hey I Miss You! I'd been wondering why you haven't posted, then I remembered you have the wedding this weekend. Ok, I'll give you a free pass. I hope you're having a great weekend, feeling ok, seeing lots of good family and friends and looking hot hot hot in all those fancy knitted items and embellished shoes!

Pangea said...

Totally missed you--hope the wedding went well, and that you coped with everything. And now--where are the shots of the quilt???? Did you get any socks knitted? Did you use the 'separated soul' method? Did you get my parcel? Did DH look cute in his wedding tux? Photos, please. Did I tell you I missed you?