Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Where have all the photos gone?

Yup, I've been really wordy lately. Sorry. So, for your visual stimutation, I present the view from my studio (with ghost image of me in my fluffy ivory bathrobe reflected in the glass, and some rain beaten lupins).

Those with a sharp eye will have noticed the hummingbird feeder halfway up the window, along the right hand side. This placement is intentional, and provides hours of entertainment for the cats.

Bean will sit below the feeder, staring up at it, vibrating with energy and ready to pounce at the first sign of hummingbirds. There has been a lot of cat slobber removal from the inside of that window. Bean leaps up, goes splat against the glass, the bird flies away, Bean slides to the floor, and if Peanut has been paying attention, she then swats at Bean for her silliness.

Yup, all sorts of summer fun for DH and I. And if you're worried about the hummingbirds, don't - our next door neighbour has a great and bird friendly yard full of flowers, so they just go one yard over for relaxation and nectar.

Here we have Bean, exhausted after a rousing bout of hummingbird chasing and being swatted by Peanut. Don't worry, no birds nor Beans were harmed during this scenario.

Peanut, in all her pissy glory. She really only looks happy if she is (a) sleeping on my lap, (b) sleeping on DH's lap, (c) sleeping on our bed, or (d) eating. Lots of cuddles, but not much activity from the Peanut.

Note: Not happy about how Blogspot's new photo attachment system is working. Will have to play with it to avoid silly mini wraps.


ginger said...

I am impressed that you figured out the photo tool..I tried and failed...went back to waht I know...nice view too...Ginger

Deb R said...

The view, the lupines, the cats...all gorgeous!! (My EvilDemonKitty Sky will launch himself at the window when watching birds too.)

And although I know it's another post, I'll do a two-fer and say I LOVE your tank/wrap combo. Gorgeous shade of orange. Your DH could've included your face in the photo though. ;-)

JulieZS said...

What a cool view you've got there. The hummingbird feeder is a real cat draw isn't it? We've learned not to put anything breakable on the windowsill near it. Our feeder just got knocked down and broke, so the poor hummingbirds have to make do with the real thing (flowers that is).