Sunday, June 26, 2005

Laundromat Lunacy

So I'm in the local laundromat working my way through four loads of laundry and some knitting, when I suddenly get the urge to fishslap this a$$hole upside the head . . . but with reason. Oh, so with reason.

There was this couple and their small daughter (maybe 15 months) in there doing a week's worth of laundry (it was Saturday). Obviously this couple was in the same boat as me - washing machine kaput. The wife was very pregnant, but was still working away on the laundry (running 8 machines is pretty much full time - one would stop, she would transfer to the dryer and get that started, the next would stop, etc). The husband alternated between walking around inside and outside (ducking indoors during sprinkles, then out again when the cloud passed) with the baby, and kept her entertained. The only sounds the baby made were happy ones - Dad was doing a great job.

Anyway, as they were finishing up, she (finally) sat down to take a break, and he passed her the baby and proceeded to fold laundry. He was folding away, quietly, and watching while his wife made the baby giggle merrily. Then, this guy comes in through the back door of the laundromat, takes one look at the situation, and sums it up thusly: "What, buddy - first she makes you look after the friggin' kid while she does the laundry, and now she's got ya folding? Just what kinda man areya?" Then this guy titters like he's said something really amusing, grins to everyone in the room, and shuffles off to do whatever the hell he came in for. If I hadn't been in the middle of folding my unmentionables, I would have hauled off and smacked him! Okay, I wouldn't have, but I sure as heck was pissed off!

The young man he had emasculated so badly and publicly was kind of looking down at his feet, not knowing what to do or say. His wife, obviously a decent woman, quietly asked him to start carrying out the folded bags of laundry and start the truck. She then juggled the baby and folded the last few things with one hand, and they left.

So now I want to know - where the hell was the a$$hole during the last 40 years? How could he have possibly missed all the important stuff going on that resulted in a social situation in which both men and women can take part in child care and laundry duties? And, I wonder why his wife puts up with his sh!t? Because it turned out that the reason he was in the laundromat was to check up on his wife, the woman manning the laundry fortress. And by check up on, I mean he was heard saying things like "What you been doin' woman? Why didn't you make me a lunch before you left for work? Do I gotta feed myself now? Holy crap!"

I do believe I showed a hell of a lot of self restraint in that I not only did not hit the a$$hole, but simply finished folding and left quietly. But I'll tell you, the next time his wife tries to start a conversation with me while I'm doing the laundry, I will actually spend some time talking to her. She obviously gets no intelligent conversation at home.


Deb R said...

I bet he has an itsy bitsy teeeeeeeeny tiny weenie and is overcompensating. Humph. I think you showed incredible restraint.

ginger said...

this makes my husband a hum.. all things relative...I guess I will keep him ...even though he is listening to a radio show that I abhor..and it is NOT NPR...Ginger

Carla said...

I tend to agree with Debr, I got all hot under the collar just reading about it, my heart goes out to his wife ,do try to have a chat with her next time you do Laundry

moi said...

I agree with debr-- a$$hole has a wenis. But a word of warning-- if you decide to talk to his wife, she might want you to be her "friend," because women who stay with wenises like that are usually pretty needy. Oh, I SO wish I'd been there to practice restraint myself!

Sonji Hunt said...

I suggest not getting involved in this situation unless you like crazy in your life. You have other things to focus on and involving yourself in this type of situation is pointless. They "do" something for one another. If she wanted more, she'd get it.

The couple you spoke of were fine, great. The husband wasn't the fool, the wanker with the dumb comment was. Loving your family doesn't emasculate any man. I admire that nothing was said. It didn't need to be. How does that saying go about a wise man says nothing while a fool shoots his big fat mouth off at any available opportunity?

deb said...

I'll bet I can tell you where the A$$hole is from - GEORGIA!