Tuesday, June 14, 2005

DebR - This one's for You

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The shoes. The evening bag. The wrap. All for you, Deb. The details: I purchased the wrap first, and coordinated a skirt and tee with it. Then, I needed shoes and a bag. The bag I knitted from Collinette cotton, and trimmed with a coordinating eyelash yarn. It's just big enough for the important stuff - license, cash, lippy, wet wipes (I'm a spilly bi#ch), digital camera, hotel or car keys.

The shoes were a tough one, as they always are for me. I have one size 9 1/2 foot, and one size 10. The size 10 foot is D width, the 9 1/2 foot not quite. Thus, the purchasing of shoes has always been a major PAIN IN THE A##! These little beauties have elastic straps, so stretch out to the appropriate width for each foot. I bought size 10 to accomodate BigFoot. They were plain beige, which was perfect, as the skirt is turquoise, terracotta, and teal on a beige background. I also went with a beige tee under the wrap.

Anyway, I had to do some stitching to one shoe to take in the elastic for NoSoBigFoot. I was down there with a needle and thread anyway, so decided I may as well add extra girly bits in the form of beads. That was freakin' fiddly work, I'll tell ya! But, I think the end result was worth it. Ta da! Girly shoes for both BigFoot and NotSoBigFoot. Applause, applause. The best thing? The beading looks like arrows pointing to my toes. Have I mentioned I love my toes? They're plump, short, and look just like little piggies. And, they give me an excuse to wear nail polish. If I can find any, I will be painting them turquoise for the next wedding (coming up at the beginning of July).


Deb R said...


Love the colors!!!

Scrapmaker said...

You are clever to work this all out, and these are very pretty. Jen

san pan said...

I got a give it to you, girl - that's quite the ensemble!!