Friday, July 15, 2005

Almost Entertained (but not quite)

Details: Home made Felted Kitty Bed (knitted, then felted in the washing machine - the New washing machine!). I made one for Peanut too, but she is even less enamored of it than Bean. Pattern by Wendy D. Johnson, found (free!) online at her blog. She also has a gallery of completed Felted Kitty Beds, most of them in use.

Ratty McBastard, from free online Baby Rat Pattern, by Lucia, The Knitting Fiend.

At this point, my cats aren't really interested - I guess these were made more for my enjoyment than theirs. Enjoyment - yeah, that's it. Oh, so much enjoyment. Hear the pissy-ness?

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Pangaea said...

Peanut has never seen a four-legged rat--as Alberta is rodent rat free. No wonder she has that Princess Prissy look, perfectly captured on camera. Who said that cats have no sense of humour? Stuffed with catnip she might prefer it, and morphing it into a ratbird by attaching a feather to its tail or ears might intrigue her. After all, she is the owner of an artistic human, so she expects more than just what was in the pattern. Her cousins Princess Crabapple and Sweet Seamus would die for a catnip-stuffed ratbird--hint, hint!!