Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ahh, the Fugly

Yes, these will all make their way into my sidebar. But today, for your viewing (and coffee spewing) pleasure, I give you a three-some of Fug.

For those of you wondering what the heck is Fug, begin here. Then, apply to the world of quilting. Yup, even Quilters fug on occasion. Wow, from the number of entries, I'd say Quilters fug darn near often! Finally, even though I know you're all getting tired of the knitting stuff already, we have the You Knit What? site. Trust me on this - it's worth reading. A word of warning however - don't view any of these sites at work! Your insane laughter and falling off chair reaction will be a dead give-away that you sure as heck ain't working.

Enjoy. Our regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow. Unless I find something else just as fugly, and feel the need to share.


Pangaea said...

Snorted out loud at the knitted fuglies ... frighteningly, freakingly ugly!! Thanks for the laugh.

Love your Links! LyL to LOL

Are you going to share your latest bloggy-knit?

Deb R said...

While I'm well acquainted with the first two sites, that was my first time to see the knitting site --- hilarious!!! My hubby popped his head in and said "What are you doing in here? You sound like you're having TOO much fun!"