Saturday, July 30, 2005

Brown Rice and Aching Muscles

My friend from University, Mel, is running leg 5 of the Death Race. That means she will likely start running between 7 and 8 this evening, which is kind of odd for her (she is usually a morning runner). So, I'm cooking chicken breasts and brown rice with broccoli for her, now, at 4:20, so that she has time to eat a healthy meal and get digested to the point that she is comfortable running. It's weird. I'm not used to cooking at this hour (DH and I usually eat at 8-ish), and she's not used to running in the evening, so neither of us are terribly comfortable right now.

The earlier runners (Joe ran leg 1 and leg 3, and Chris ran leg 2) made really good time - when our leg 4 runner started (Simon) our team was in the top 10! Yippee! The guys all ran hard, and are walking on spaghetti legs, all aching muscles. But, no matter how sore they are, they have to be out there to support the other runners at the exchange points, so Mel has been in and out all day. I plan to be waiting near the finish of her leg tonight to cheer her on - there will be enough people providing support at the finish, so I'll wait where the trail first comes near the town, about 10 minutes from the finish line (and, conveniently, just down the road from home).

Notice how easily I slipped into calling them "my team" even though the only work I'm doing to support is feeding one runner and her spouse, and the housecleaning I did to get the place ready for company. Yup, MY team. Go team!

Good luck tonight Mel - I hope Simon makes good time so you don't have to run too far in the dark (even with your lighted hat, I imagine it sucks to run in the dark).

I'll keep the blog posted.

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Deborah said...

Cooking and cleaning and hostessing doesn't sound like nothing to me! In fact, I think I'll call them MY team too and all I'm doing is reading about them in your blog. Go, Mel!!!