Monday, August 01, 2005

Mel Kicked some serious Arse!

Well, our team didn't end up placing in the top 10, but they still did really well, because (a) they finished the race without disqualification, and (b) they finished in just over 12 hours! That's 125km in about twelve and a quarter hours - through water and mud, over three different mountains. Crazy!

Simon, who ran leg 4, look quite a bit longer than they all expected, but still did finish his leg (5 hours 45 minutes for 38km over Mount Hamel). Mel took off at 9:01pm, and came in at approximately 11:02 - two hours for 22km! Her leg included a river crossing at Hell's Gates, by raft. We were planning to be where the trail entered town to cheer her on, but she beat us there! We followed her in the car to close to the finish line, beeping the horn and cheering her on, but then she smoked us, getting to the finish line way before us. That girl can run!

After she filled up with cheeseburgers and juice and had a shower, she felt great, but tired. The next morning we sat around on the balcony in the sun, and she certainly looked like she was ready to run again. She's toying with the idea of running solo next year, now that she knows she has a place to recover, and extra people to help her at each assistance station. We'll see what she decides next summer. I think she's up for it though - she has a stronger will than anyone I've ever met.

Mel's team name is "Fourth Time Lucky". You can track their progress by searching it on the Death Race website.

Mel and her husband left after a morning on the balcony, planning to drive until they were bored and then camp for the night. They took the mountain route home, rather than going through Edmonton to Calgary. They should be home tonight, and back to work tomorrow. DH will be back at work tomorrow too, after enjoying a damn near unprecedented four days off in a row!

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