Friday, July 29, 2005

Fridays are for Cleaning

DH was told not to come into work today. No, he's not in trouble - he has been working very hard, and is kind of being rewarded, in a round of bout way. We were supposed to be in Edmonton yesterday and today for a medical (how to have a baby in three easy steps) appointment, but had to re-schedule the appointment. As he had already booked Thursday and Friday off, his boss said he may as well take Friday and have some fun. Yeah,fun. That's it.

So, today he has: put up a curtain rod, done the dishes, pointed out areas that need dusting, suggest I reorganize the bookshelf, and generally made a pain in the ass of himself. I figure he has maybe two more "maybe, honey, you should ...." before I beat him about the head and neck with the Swiffer Duster. But other than the annoyance factor, it's good to have him here. Yup.

Okay, actually it is nice to have him home. I just wish it wasn't raining, so he could go outside and boss around the lawn mower instead of me. He's downright ornery with the weeds, too.

Anyway, Fridays are for cleaning, so I'm getting all nasty and sweaty cleaning shit up for the weekend. Later, Friday night will be for drinking. I picked up some really good vodka and some cranberry juice, so this Friday will be for cosmopolitans. And yes, Saturdays are for hangovers.

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Deb R said...

What is it with Fridays? I swept, mopped, dusted, did laundry, and now am popping on to the puter for a moment as I'm in the midst of cooking.

I did one measly design sketch today and that was it for the non-drudge work. Bleah.