Monday, July 11, 2005

Catching up on Photos

Last night I finished these for DH - 2.5 day socks (gotta love heavier sock wool). Then I spent the entire freakin' night reading blogs and surfing quilty and knitty things. I'm not terribly enamored of any of the newest commercial fabric lines that have been released - I think there will be more fabric dyeing in my future. Weather dependent of course.

Here we have Peanut expressing her displeasure at my ability to stay up all night on the computer, instead of settling down where I belong (next to her, in the comfy bed). Yes, she will sleep anywhere, so long as it is within a metre of me.

The sky this morning was amazing. Sorry about the terrible lack of focus, but I'd been up all night on a major caffeine buzz, thus was unable to hold the camera still long enough to take a low light photo. The reason I am imposing my shaky photo on you, though, is to share the colour. We rarely get colourful sky here (minimal pollution to change the path of light waves), so this must be in response to a forest fire or something. Pretty in pink.

Finally, this is the non-feline fuzziness that kept me company while I was surfing all night. It is a poncho with a vengeance, and just enough mohair to tickle my fancy.

I have been working hard on narrowing down fabric and design options for the quilt for my brother, but this morning DH suggested I switch my focus and make a quick lap quilt for his Grandfather (we will be imposing ourselves on DH's grandparents for a week in August). The idea is that I make a quilt for Grandpa, and then go fabric shopping with Grandma so she can chose fabric for a personalized lap quilt of her own. I'd better get busy!

So, off to bed (need a few hours of sleep now that the caffeine is wearing thin), then down to the nightmare of messiness that is my stash room. I may have to organize and tidy before I begin quilting. Oh well, it gives me a chance to talk dirty to my favorite fabrics.


deb said...

Peanut is a "hang down" kitty like Karma. Why do they do that? The colors in your yarn are just like the colors in the new thing on my blog. Synchronicity coming on again.

:-D eirdre said...

Thank you so much for posting that gorgeous sunrise - the color was truely amazing! Well worth the shakes of a too late night.