Thursday, October 06, 2005

Some Things that are Growing

Some things that are growing in my household right now...

- my everyday wear Hap shawl (7/8ths of the edging finished, so damn near fully grown);

- the finished knitted Christmas presents pile (I always start early, as I tend to slump in November then panic in December);

- the stack of dishes specifically designated for use during a large (for us) gathering (there will be a minimum of 8 here at Christmas, so we had to buy extra plates, larger serving dishes, and still need to get more cutlery);

- the blue/green fungus on the old loaf of bread in the pantry (since located and disposed of);

- the microscopic bundle of cells I am carrying in my uterus (ultrasound confirmed correct placement of said bundle of cells, although what was actually viewed on the ultrasound was a bubble/yolk sac). My hormone levels have continued to rise, and as correct placement has been confirmed, yay bundle of cells!

Some things that are not growing around here include...

- the leaves (all have faded from green, and most are now down due to strong autumn winds);

- my arse (I've lost three more pounds, probably due to stress and sleeping through meals);

- whatever it was that two teenage girls buried out behind my yard. Very, very weird. I saw two teeny-boppers leaving the area with a shovel, sniffling a bit, before we went to Edmonton for tests. Today I noticed there is a freshly turned pile of earth with a little plastic cross and some toys out there, right behind our yard. Creepy. I'm not sure on the etiquette of this, but if I had any idea who the girls were, I'd be asking them to relocate the final resting place of Fluffy or Guinea Pig or whatever they buried, so that I don't have to look out on the grave while eating my morning oatmeal - especially seeing as the local dogs have been sniffing around there quite a bit, and if we get a digger, I expect to find remains strewn about my back yard. Ugh.

Tomorrow, photos of some sort. I promise.

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Deborah said...

Delightful! Weird about the digging... Looking forward to pictures!