Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things to NOT Do Again

1. Absently scratch my nose while slicing cheese with a sharp knife (resulted in a weird looking scratch and darn near took out an eye).

2. Put a (loose) sock on the head of a grumpy cat. I know, it sounds like fun. However, said grumpy cat may have been grumpy because of a soon-to-be-ejected hairball. The hoped for hilarity did NOT ensue.

3. Run upstairs to grab the phone in the kitchen, while wearing brand-new-just-off-the-needles wool socks. In mathematical terms:
[wool socks + vinyl flooring]^corner at high speed = buises + a groin pull.

4. Go out in public with a compromised immune system. I have spent the last month catching every cold, cough, flu, and other bug going around. There have been maybe three days in November wherein I felt healthy.

5. Use crappy health from cold/cough/flu whatever as an excuse to sink into the depths of melancholy. November has been a less than fun month.

6. Eat nothing but instant snack food and carbohydrates. Bad. Really, really, bad. Makes it hard to get out of a funk. However, I'm pretty much ready for that whole scene to end, now.

7. Stop blogging, because I'm just depressing myself. Idiot. Blogging is how I express myself - it helps pull me through the grumpies.

Now, things I WILL do: eat healthy meals thrice daily, hydrate properly, walk outside regularly, spend less time online futzing aimlessly and more time cuddling the cats, and generally look at life from a better place.

Also, if I don't, Christmas is coming, and will completely f*ck me if I'm not careful. Woo hoo.


Deborah said...

Amen, sister! Welcome back. I hope your feeling better in all sorts of ways.

Deb R said...

Yay Logan, so glad to see you back!!!

We will hope the Bad Stuff is going away with November and December will be better.

And if it's not, go ahead and bitch about it. We'll read and send virtual chocolate and sympathy.

gabrielle said...

Glad to see you back. I find Godiva dark chocolate with almonds a sure cure for most ailments. Plus it is health food since dark chocolate has that same stuff that is in red wine that is good for you...and almonds have lots of fiber and are known to decrease anxiety....another chemical whose name slips my mind.
December will be better simply because it isn;t November.

deb said...

I have found the CURE..
hot Cream of Wheat with raisins in it.

Micki said...

I can relate to the funk. I"ve been in one myself for awile now. Glad to have you back blogging, and stay healthy!