Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Secret Project

Secret projects. Many bloggers have them.

Usually they're gifts that the blogger wants to keep secret from the intended recipient, who may read the blog, thus ruining the surprise. I've had a number of those.

Some times secret projects are secret because the blogger isn't sure of success, and wants to keep the mocking to a minimum (I've had those, too).

And then more rarely, bloggers will have secret projects because they hope to submit the item for publishing in a magazine, book, or web-site, and part of the conditions of submission require secrecy. That's what I'm playing with right now. If this project works out like I hope, I plan to try submitting it to a magazine for publication. Yep, I'm dreaming big. Huge, in fact.

However, just because I'm working on a secret project doesn't mean I don't have blog fodder (although it is pretty slim right now). I'm going to post a few photos of parts of the secret project, just teaser shots really. Because
(a) I'm happy with how it is turning out so far,
(b) I hate posting on the blog without photos, and
(c) I'm working hard on posting at least once a week right now. Ignoring the blog for long periods of time just seems wasteful!

So here are some shots of the secret project, with no details at all. Annoying, eh?


Anonymous said...

The yarn looks fabulous. Great teaser. What a beautiful flower and I can't wait to see the finished project. You are so talented and I am truly amazed at all that you accomplish.


Lindsay said...

oooohhh purdy! cant wait to see more!! I love surprises, even if they arent for me!

Angelika said...

I always thought I'm pretty good with patterns, but I don't think I've seen a stitch pattern like this before. I do love the crochet though.

Anonymous said...

That yarn looks great in that stitch. You're right. Hand dyed yarn does its own thing when you crochet and this one. Its all good.