Thursday, September 15, 2005

Love & Loathing in my Basement

Warning: Those of you with a weak stomach for serious stash collecting should turn away now. Anyone who purchases "just enough for the project I'm starting now", run for the hills. This post is about STASH. Serious friggin' STASH.

Yesterday, I went and picked up the mail for the first half of the week. No, we don't get house-to-house delivery here - we have to schlep up to the local Canada Post Office, which is (oh, so conveniently) only open between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with a four hour window on Saturday (10-2). Seriously.

In the mail, along with the usual assortment of flyers and junk, was the latest Hancocks of Paducah catalogue. While I'm not really a fan of their online shop (poorly organized IMHO, and slow service), I do love their catalogue. So, when I got home and had put away the last of the groceries, I brewed myself a cup of Dilmah tea (thanks Carla!) and sat down on the couch to peruse.

Yummmmm. Page after page of glorious colour. Amazing textures. Incredible groupings. Ahhhh (insert Homer Simpson sound and drool effect here).

Then, as I flipped through again, marking my favorite fabrics with a pen, I began to notice a trend. So I put down the catalogue (step away from the catalogue), did something else for a while (laundry and dishes - always there in a pinch), and gave it all some time to sink in.

Okay, clean clothes and dishes done, back to the catalogue. Yup, there it is again. Time to face the music. I marched myself downstairs, and opened the door to the incredible mess I call my Stash. Stepping over the piles and bags of yarn, working my way around the really-good-bargain picture frames and roll of Fast2Fuse, I began to search my fabric stash storage shelves.

Sneaking suspicion confirmed. During the summer of knitting rather than quilting, my quilting fabric stash, while not changing, has matured into --- a collection of my favorite fabrics. The stuff I marked as delightful in the HoP catalogue? More than 90% of it is already in my possession, and just waiting to come out and play.

I love my stash. My stash terrifies me. It needs organizing. And more shelves. Okay, fine, just the yarn part needs organizing and shelves. See how organized the fabric stash is? I love my stash.


Mandy said...
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Deb R said...

I love your stash too. I wish I could come over for a fabric play date.

Janina in Red Deer said...

"Laundry and dishes-always there in a pinch". That is a fabulous line, Logan. Trademark it!
Looove your stash. You can SEE it!
Mine hides out in Rubbermaid totes.
And welcome back. :-)

Scrapmaker said...

OK I am very impressed with the quantity of your stash! In fact, I see some of my own favorites in there... time for you to get back to quilting! Jen

BigAlice said...

Oh my gosh I think you are my long lost twin. I've been doing the knit-not-quilting-much for the last 6 months too. And have to step over the piles of yarn and (gulp) the picture frames too to get to the stash.

Your stash is gorgeous, yum! Except so much more organized than mine.

Thanks for your blog, I have been reading and lurking for some time and always enjoy it.

Denise said...

I'm in love with your stash as well. Sitting here drooling.

I've been doing more knitting and cross stitch for the past decade. Mainly because the places I've been living haven't been very conducive to quilting. I'm dying to get started again.