Thursday, September 29, 2005

Signs there might be trouble ahead...

Hello. My name is Logan, and I am a knitaholic. I'm addicted to changing yarn weight. When my fingers tire of working with lace weight, I like to work my way up to Aran weight. When I've had enough of 5mm needles, I work my way back down.

Notice the use of the phrase "work my way" - intentional. Right now, I have the following projects on the needles:

1. Lace weight - a scarf (Christmas gift)
2. Shetland weight - a hap shawl (for me)
3. Fingering weight - a scarf (Christmas gift)
4. Sport weight - a stole (yup, for me)
5. DK weight - a scarf (testing a pattern I wrote)
6. Aran weight - a scarf (Christmas gift)

Notice any trends? Yup, this will be the Christmas of hand knitted scarves.

Also, please note that I can change from lace weight to Aran weight in ONLY SIX STEPS. I kill me.

Oh, and Deborah? You must be clairvoyant - within a week of your email, your guess was bang on. Yup, pregnant again. Am having blood tests every second day to follow my hormone levels, and an ultrasound on Tuesday (October 4th). We will wait and see how long it takes this pregnancy to end. Bets anyone?

We're really looking forward to this next miscarriage, as it will OFFICIALLY move us from "difficulty conceiving" to "spontaneous recurrent miscarriage", which is really what we should be getting treatment for. So, things are looking up, as we will finally be getting the right kind of help on the pro-creation front. Yippee!

Could I be stress knitting?


Deborah said...

I knew it! I hope you're feeling well. Of course, I'm praying for a healthy full term pregnancy for you... whenever that may be. Stress knitting?! Ah... yeah, probably. Definetely more enjoyable than stress house cleaning which is what I'm doing. (Though I'm not pregnant.)

Deb R said...

Glad to see you posting again! I'd been thinking of emailing you for days but didn't want to bug you because I figured if you disappeared you probably weren't feeling like dealing with people.

I have no idea what any of those yarn weights mean, but yay for scarves for Christmas!