Thursday, February 09, 2006

Almost Ready...

The training yesterday went really well. Many different lace stitch patterns were swatched, washed, and blocked, and the final decision was made as to which patterns would be featured in my cardigan. The winners are the Rose Leaf Insertion (from a Barbara Abbey book), and Arrowhead Lace (from a Barbara G. Walker book).

I swatched plain stocking stitch, too, to see how it looks stretched out to the stitch and row count I want from the lace - not so hot. However, the stocking stitch regions are relatively small, and not in obvious locations (under the arms to incorporate shaping increases, and under the collar to take it from a square neckline to a round neck).

I haven't nailed down the collar design yet, nor the button bands, cuff and bottom edging, but will work on that today.

The winning buttons (a number auditioned, but the winner stood out immediately) were chosen, and required some mathematics to fit only six buttons along a 22" button bar. Skeins of yarn were wound into cakes, and I really feel on track, timewise.

The only thing I see causing calamity at this point is Ojo. She's here for the day again (I'm a reliable dog-sitter), and is in a chewing/exploring/destruction mode. Already she has shredded one glove (too small for anyone in this house, so not a loss), three sheets of paper (including one of my calculations - Doh!), and one skein of Socks that Rock in Pebble Beach. That last one has me REALLY steamed, so the dog is in the garage right now on a time out. Oh, and she did some damage to me as well, with a nifty scratch/bruise combo.

However, she is making sure I get plenty of fresh air and exercise, as I've already taken her for three walks today (small dog, small bladder, don't want to clean up a mess).

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Judy said...

Owie! to the bruise!! Owie to the STR yarn, too...and the bruise will heal. ;-) I'm ready for the start of the Olympics too, can't wait!!