Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another Weekend, Another Post

Happy Saturday!

The sun is shining, the Bean is napping, and all is well in the world. Well, kind of. Bean has apparently buried herself in the loveseat. See the mini-quilt on the back of the chair in the corner? That's her usual sleeping spot (the quilt can be removed if we have company, so making for super-quick cat hair cleanup). Today, however, she has chosen a different place. Hmmm - are we noisy? Smelly? Or does she just enjoy napping inside furniture?

On the nap count, here you can see that DH is busy doing his Saturday duty - relaxing after a long and stressful week at work. Oh, and holding up the Peanut while she naps. Just below his arm is the TV remote, but he has it set on The History Channel, as usual.

There is, however, a little deception going on here - it's only DH who is napping, while Peanut is giving me the evil eye, attempting to control me and my silly need to take photos. I'm pretty sure the message is something along the lines of "F*ck off, dammit! I only get him weekends and evenings, so don't you blow this for me!"

On the work front, I hate working. It's not so much the work (although that is rather frustrating in itself) as it is the whole spending time around people thing. Have I mentioned that I'm not good around people? Most people don't know it (I can cover really well for maybe four hours, tops) but I have pretty serious social anxiety. Even medicated (better living through chemistry) I start to melt down when forced to endure group activities (like working in a trailer with a bunch of other dedicated professionals).

It's kind of silly, because I used to only melt down when in the presence of large crowds or extreme idiots. Sadly, the melt down-ish-ness has spread to even small groups of decent folk. Sigh. So, after three days of work, I've chickened out. Whether or not I go back will depend on the visit to my doctor, Monday.

While I was hiding at home this past week, I socked some more. Behold a new and truly fabulous (if I may say so myself) pair of Butterscotch Curl socks! Details, as usual, in the gallery-o-socks. Note the use of a lace pattern on the back of the leg - now that I'm a clog wearing chick, I'm suddenly putting my focus behind me. Hmmm. That last phrase works on a lot of levels for me. ;-)


Deborah said...

Yummm butterscotch! Adore the socks and I'm so impressed by the lace on the back. So snappy! I am confident you'll make the right choice about the job.

Elle said...

I don't know who looks more comfortable...your husband or Peanut? LOL.