Saturday, January 28, 2006

A New Job

Yup, I got a job. Who'da thunk it? I started work Thursday, and am expecting this project to continue for four to six months (although I hope it doesn't go that long).

I signed up to work part time, which with this company means around 40 hours a week (full time is 60+). So, I'm now up at 5:00am every weekday morning, insert caffeine drip, make a healthy lunch, lace up the steel toed boots, and away I go, up the mountain. It's a little bit wild.

Anyway, I now have significantly less knitting time, less blogging time, less blog-surfing time, and no nap time at all! What I will do for the almighty $. But, must pay for the stash enhancement...

Edited later to add: Um, good point DebR! The job is ... kind of fluffy / waffle-y ... a production operations streamlining consultant thing. Yeah, that's meaningful. And so very comprehensible.

I was confused, too, until I realized that my job at this particular site will be to look for holes or bottlenecks in the operation - basically find opportunities to improve production capacity and/or streamline the operations process, cutting costs in the process.

Hmm, still don't know what I'm doing? Uh, it has to do with a surface mining operation. I wear steel toed boots, a hard hat, safety glasses and a reflective vest. I come home really dirty, but get to spend the day on top of a mountain. And yes, full time is a minimum of 60 hours a week (most employees work 12 hour days, 10 days on, 4 days off, for 120 hours every two weeks). Woo hoo!


Deb R said...

You left out the most important part. What's the job??

Judy said...

60+ is full time? Yikes!!

Deb R said...

So basically you're an efficiency consultant, yes? Cool!

That place has a rough schedule. Wow.

Deborah said...

Yowza. I can hardly believe it. You sound so professional! Do you wear hand-knit socks under the steel toed shoes?

Kathen said...

As an un-efficient, non-quilting fan whose hope is to punch a cash-register somewhere, my hat's off to you! Sounds like great stash-enhancement is coming your way! My only worry is the cats--will they take your abscence in stride, or will it be like what went on at my sister's house, a week of angst and mayhem? Hope not!