Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Get yur Quiltin' While it's Hot!

Yup, we've got signs of quilting at Chez Logan. Piecing? Check. Sandwiching? Check. Pointed stippling? That too. Creation of not-actually-on-the-bias-bias-tape? Yup, plus application of fancy-schmancy computer generated stitching! Binding? Well, kind of... Of the eight placemats made, two are completely bound, and six are without covered edges. Oh my. They will be finished very, very soon. I swear.

This is a close up of one of the completed placemats, showing the pointed stippling I tend to use for heavily quilted pieces, plus highlighting the funky-ass fabric. This set of 8 placemats is for my Dad and his wife, both of whom are very into wine. They belong to the Epicurian (sp?) Society, and visit wineries whenever they travel. Right now they are really into Californian, New Zealand and Australian wines.

Once the placemats and matching runner (next Christmas, as agreed) are done, they can feature them next time they host a wine tasting.

While all of this was taking place, Bean held down the fort. Ummm, to be more accurate, she leaned against the design wall and prevented me from accessing the lower drawer of quilting thread. However, the massive cuteness of her napping positioning required that I leave her be, although she was subjected to photo taking.

On the don't-think-I've-forgotten-knitting front, we also have a completed pair of really bright socks. For me. Because if I tried to give them to DH, he'd have a coronary. Colour? Not for him, nope!

I will admit purchasing the yarn (Smart Superwash, dk weight, made in Norway) while in Jasper, and starting on them right away. Three socks were actually knitted, but only two remain. The first sock was painfully tight (only had 2.5mm dpns with me), so when I got home I frogged it and reknitted on 2.75mm dpns. And yes, I really, really like the pooling. I'm all about the pooling.

These socks (knitted toe up) took damn-near-all of one 50g skein of multi-colour per sock, but did give me socks in the length I like. See the teeny tiny skeins of multi-coloured yarn next to that sock? All I had left (one per sock). There was enough left over from the single skein of green that I used for toes and heels that I could have screwed up a bit, but not much. Maybe a heel and a half left. The green will make great stripes in yet another pair of charcoal grey spousal socks, though. Yippee for stripes!


Deb R said...

The socks are gorgeous!!

So is Bean!!

The placemats are purty too, but I like Bean and the socks best. :-)

Deborah said...

love love love the socks! All hail the green and the purple!

Heike said...

I love your quilting! And your socks are beautiful, too.

Mz Mar said...

You are not alone~~I'm really liking that pooling!!! I've yet had a pair pool for me and I keep trying!!
I know eventually I'll run across the right yarn for my pooled pair!!
Great place mats, too!!

Steph said...

I love pooling and flashing! LOL I just finished a scarf that has lots of lovely pools. I'll have to give varigated sock yarn a try.

teri springer said...

Logan- they are great. I love it when the yarn pools. The lovely blue DK I bought from Lynn Hershberger looked like clouds when knit up. I made a pair of Wisonsin WInter socks (knee-high) and 2 hats for my great nieces, Alexis (I actually have 2 step-greatnieces named ALexis) and her little sister, Makenna. The girls loved their "big sis- little sis" hats and I love my socks!!

Quilting and sock-knitting must go together as you and I are on this ring together and the socknitters group.