Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who has new shoes?

Why, that would be me! And, they go with my new socks!

Those of you that have met me know that I have "a good, solid understanding" (what my Mom used to tell me when I complained about the size of my feet). They are large. They are rather flat at the ends (no pointy-toed shoes for me). They are REALLY wide. And, the instep of my left foot is so high that there are very few shoes I can wear.

Yesterday, in between being gifted with a brief moment of wisdom from our Endocrinologist and having 14 vials of blood pulled for testing, I went shoe shopping. Normally that activity results in emotions from disappointment to frustration, but yesterday was different.

Instead of going to "trendy" shoe shops, I went straight to the place where nurses and postal workers go. Yes, their shoes were more expensive than the "fashion" shoes I'm used to. Yes, they came in unfamiliar-to-me sizes. And yes, they had a couple of types that fit me!

I came away with Birkenstocks. Green plastic Super Birkis, to be exact. And they FIT REALLY WELL! My large square feet are in heaven, and that extra-high instep is just fine with its new confinement.

To celebrate, I finished my first pair of Red Hot Sizzling Socks. Details on the socks in ThatLoganChick's Socks (gallery). All you need to know is that my feet are some friggin' happy right now, and that any mud that gets on these shoes can be hosed off without doing any damage. Because I live in a town where it regularly snows then blows, creating mud all winter long. And 'cause I'm a dirty grrl. ;-)


Me said...

Oh My Gosh - I WANT THOSE BIRKIS :o) of course I love the socks inside those Birkies too... and the person wearing socks and the birkies is COOL and NICE and SWEET !!!

Shelley "The Opal Yarn Queen"

in Sherwood Park Alberta where there is NO SNOW !!! ahhhhhh whats up with that??? ugh !

Deb R said...

I love the combo of the green shoes with the stripey red socks!! :-)

Deborah said...

You have great style. I'm loving this look. It appears you even shaved your legs for this picture. Way beyond the call of duty!

yarnahoy said...

great socks!