Saturday, February 25, 2006

Huckleberry Trout

First things first: Happy Birthday to my Darling (Hot) Husband!

In the usual low key style of Casa de Logan, we're celebrating with food, laziness, and maybe some sex in the kitchen. Too much information? Sorry, just pretend I didn't say that.

And, as his birthday falls on a Saturday, DH is getting the birthday treatment for extra time this year. In fact, this morning over breakfast (a bowl of Cornflakes for me, seven pancakes with maple syrup, two sunny-side-up eggs, two slices of whole wheat toast, and home-made blackberry jam for him) he laid out the menu for the weekend. Yes, he had advised me the night before what he wanted for breakfast this morning (and got exactly what he asked for, thank you very much).

So, I went out for groceries and Scotch (picked up something scary called "The Peat Monster", a traditional vatted Scotch whiskey). I expect to spend pretty much the entire weekend in the kitchen (thus moving the "other" activities in there, with me - a time saver, and practical too, as the whipped cream is right there in the fridge...).

Oy. If nothing else stops my Dad from ready my blog, that paragraph ought to have done it. Sorry! ;-)

Okay, aside from eating and getting laid, this weekend is about sun (really, painfully bright) and snow (it's -20C here). DH shoveled the driveway and walk this morning, because he actually enjoys shoveling. I don't know, I think it has something to do with finally owning a home, instead of living in an apartment or a condominium.

I came back from grocery shopping mildly snowblind, and with a massive headache from the brightness - then proceeded to finish another pair of socks that positively screamed out to be photographed against the snow. Please excuse the poor colour resolution - again, I was blinded by the freaking sun bouncing off the freaking snow.

For some obscure reason I named them Huckleberry Trout. I don't know why. Maybe all the kitchen sex and snow blindness went to my head? Anyway, they are Huckleberry Trout.

Now, please excuse me, as I'm going to go and take an Advil so I can continue with the cooking and the putting out. Because I want to enjoy this weekend, too.


knitcat said...

Ah yes, I definitely see the Huckleberry Troutness of them. Very fine, very fine indeed. Keep putting out...the socks..I mean.

Deborah said...

So funny. Love the socks. What else was on the menu? Happy Birthday to the second hottest husband in the world.

Deb R said...

Huckleberry Trout is a great name.

Happy Birthday Mr. Logan!

Miriam said...

*lol* Might as well be honest about it, right? ;)

Elspeth said...

Those are gorgeous! Is there a prewritten pattern or did you make it up?

Kat said...

You are too funny!!

I'm a little behind reading your blog, but I hope your hubby had a great birthday!

tonni said...

Like elspeth, I would love to know the pattern! Looks great in the multicolor yarn...