Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bean Everywhere, Eaten Everything

A recent violent gastrointestinal illness by my intrepid feline Studio Assistant, Bean (scroll down for photos) has had its source traced to her new habit of eating fusible interfacing. Yuck. All of the (obviously yummy) offending material has been removed to a safe place out of her reach, and she is expected to recover soon. The only longterm effect of her dietary digression is that I can now use her to quickly determine which interfacing is fusible when faced with confusion about unmarked pieces, as she only licks the coated ones.

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Logan said...

An update - Bean is doing better now, but she did bomb me with two large boxes full of batting and interfacing from on top of my stash shelves after an unsuccessful search for more fusibles to lick. I have been warned by other cat moms to keep envelopes and stamps away from her now that she has the taste for glue.