Thursday, April 21, 2005

So now that you know me . . .

Okay, I have introduced myself (somewhat), and a few of the many people that feature in my daily life. There are others, and I love them too. However, I don't have photos of them doing anything embarassing, so they don't get a photo posted!

Back to my reason for Blogging - quilting. I am having fun working on Dear Hubby's most recent request (other than ice cream and a glass of scotch), which is a two piece window covering for his home office. Have completely quilted one of the panels, and had fun with my new Rainbows thread and Bottom Line in the bobbin. You can quilt for a heck of a long time with 60 weight in the bobbin! Have to sandwich the other panel yet, which has been put on hold until I can pick up more Spot Shot to remove the remnants of Bean's latest hurking session (middle of my layout & basting area). I guess she figured I needed a break from pin basting.

Am also currently working on a few other projects:
- Chris & Rhea's wedding quilt,
- finalizing the pattern for the small purse I just designed (to be in stores soon - or at least available in a few places)
- ignoring the Trauma Quilt in the hope that it will go away or at least become less traumatic
- embellishing a reversible wall hanging to make it even more desirable to cats that like to chew on beads / eat attached fibers
- hand couching yarn to my silk couch throw (my first foray into working with silk)
- etc. etc.

Mostly I am working on procrastinating. And Blogging. Fun.

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