Friday, April 29, 2005

Playing with the Straight & Narrow

I couldn't sleep last night, so instead I played with ideas for the QuiltArt Straight & Narrow Challenge. The new threads I recently purchased were calling to me, as was some Marjorie Lee Bevis pebble style marbled fabric, so I played around a bit and came up with this silliness - 8 Squares & Some Wiggles.

The piece is 8" wide x 40" long, and I plan to mount it on a wooden frame (have left an extra 6" all the way around it for wrapping around the frame). I used some Sari silk yarn to edge it, and to add a little more drama. Mostly I'm just having fun being quilt liberated - the squares were fused on, the free motion quilting has pointy bits, and the yarn was machine couched. Hah! I just broke three of my (old) quilting rules!

If DH likes it, I may make a few more in a similar vein, and place them as a clustered piece. However, if it is too bright for him (quite possible), it may end up in a closet. Gotta say, it really doesn't fit in with our decor - but if it is to be viewed as art, not decor, anything goes, right? Sigh. Oh well, it was fun to make, no matter where it ends up.


Dale Anne said...

Oh no - don't let it sit in a closet if DH doesn't like can send to me!
I love the black....I find it always makes the colors pop.
Great job!!!
Dale Anne in SW Saskatchewan

Nikki said...

I keep having this thought that I could just hang all the wall quilts together in a grouping somewhere and it would look ok even though none of them match either the decor or each other.

I can't think of a name for your Straight and Narrow piece, but I really like it!