Friday, April 29, 2005

My studio - workstation area. The quilt in process on my design wall is something I dreamed up, and am calling "Not Askew". I used the quilt as you go method (stitch & flip), and now regret that (as my FMQuilting has vastly improved since I started that quilt). However, I absolutely love the colours and the fabrics, so will finish stitching it together. It may end up hanging in my studio permanently, as a reminder of lessons learned. And, I will most likely make it again, 'cause I absolutely love the way the Not Askew blocks look together. And because I'm drawn to things with squares. And bright colours on black. And regular block arrangements that look irregular. Etc.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Nice studio!! How did you come up with that name? Any chance of a closer-up to see why it is not askew?

Logan said...

When it is finished, I will post it again. It is "Not Askew", because each block has a 3" square dead center - only the narrow brightly coloured frames are offset (askew) in each block. I designed the block myself, and it is really easy to do - all identical blocks. Just by turning every second block 90 degrees, you get the offset (askew) look.

Caitlin said...

it's so TIDY!!!! That green glow ont he horizon is ME, green wqith envy at your fab working space!

Caity (from Quiltart, a bit of a lurker - my blog is at